What type of fire extinguisher is used for wood paper and fabric

For fires caused by everyday items like wood, paper, and fabrics, grab a Class A fire extinguisher. These are your go-to for putting out fires that aren’t caused by metals.

What’s Inside and How It Works

Class A fire extinguishers are packed with water or a special dust to beat the flames. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Water Sprayers: These are your classic fire-fighters, using water to cool things down and stop the fire. They’re not great for fires caused by oil or electrical gadgets because water could make things worse. But for your typical wood, paper, or fabric fire, they’re perfect.
  • Dust Sprayers: Some have a dust called monoammonium phosphate. This dust is like a superhero for stopping the fire’s chemical reaction. Plus, they’re like a Swiss Army knife because they work on different types of fires, not just the wood or fabric kind.


How Mighty They Are

Class A extinguishers have a number on them, like 2A or 3A, that tells you how big a fire they can handle. Bigger number, bigger firefighting power.

How to Use One

Remember “PASS” when it’s time to use it:

  • Pull the pin. This makes it ready to fire.
  • Aim low, right at the base of the flames.
  • Squeeze the handle to let loose the water or dust.
  • Sweep it side to side until the fire says “I give up.” Watch out in case it tries to start up again.

Stuff to Think About

Class A extinguishers are great for certain fires, but make sure you’ve got the right one for your space and what’s in it. If you’ve got different kinds of fire risks, a multi-use extinguisher (like ABC) might be a smarter pick.

Keeping It in Fighting Shape

Make sure your extinguisher is always ready for action. Check it now and then, make sure it’s not damaged, and get it fixed or swap it out if you’ve used it or it’s getting old.

Picking and using the right fire extinguisher can stop a fire from wrecking everything, save your belongings, and could even save lives. For fires from wood, paper, and fabric, a Class A or a do-it-all extinguisher is your best bet for keeping things safe.

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